AM par Alexandre Mazzia: the hottest 3 Michelin star restaurant in Marseille

I never imagined that I would have one of the most memorable 3 Michelin star experiences of my life in a small backstreet of Marseille.

AM par Alexandre Mazzia: the hottest 3 Michelin star restaurant in Marseille

I never imagined that I would have one of the most memorable 3 Michelin star experiences of my life in a small backstreet of Marseille.

A true culinary artist, Alexandre Mazzia is a master of toppings, techniques, textures and tastes, and his cuisine is a perfect blend of the sophisticated French style with the  Congolese vibe. He cooks instinctively and follows his own rules, which is particularly exciting knowing that as a professional basketball player, he has spent half his life within a set of rules and constraints.

The owner and chef is Alexandre Mazzia and his story is as unique as his restaurant.

He was born in Pointe Noire, in the Republic of Congo, on the African shores of the Atlantic ocean. He spends the first 15 years of his life here and grows up with the common smells of grilled fish and spices.

He moves to France at 15, and dedicates his life to sports. At almost 2 meters tall, he focuses on basketball. He turns pro and plays for France. And then, lucky for us gastro-lovers he starts to develop his talents off the court – and in the kitchen.

Finally, Mazzia starts playing by his own rules and eventually becomes the award-winning chef he is today. What a story!

  • AM par Alexandre Mazzia opened in June 2014.
  • In 2015 it’s awarded it’s first Michelin star.
  • In 2019 star number two, and in 2021 AM par Alexandre Mazzia wins the top honor of 3 Michelin stars.

From the street, AM par Alexandre Mazzia looks more like a fancy design firm than a 3 Michelin star restaurant. But sometimes, these minimalist exteriors are just a mask for the adventure that waits inside. 


First impression? It’s cozy and welcoming.

There are just 22 seats but what makes things really interesting is the open kitchen. We can watch as the finishing touches are put on every dish, making this place as much a visual experience as it is a gastronomic one.

The interior decor is really cool. Everything is made of all-natural materials like wood and stone. It feels fresh and clean here. I like it!

The relatively small guest area feels airy and is full of natural materials. I love the creativity and variety, as there’s a bold, surprising concept behind it all, and boldness is now almost a luxury. 


The tables are mis-matched, nothing is predictable. For a minute, you almost forget that everything is carefully planned to the very last detail. At one point, I go to the bathroom, and what do I hear coming through the speakers? 50-Cent! In Da Club.

Upstairs, chefs with tweezers and guys in nice suits and downstairs it’s a completely different world. Not what you expect from a 3 Michelin star restaurant. Familiar but unpredictable.

At one point, Mazzia’s little girl runs in. He picks her up, gives her a kiss and hands her a piece of candy floss. This place is full of positive energy.

As soon as the head waiter approached our table, I knew I was in the right place! Rarely do you meet people who have been doing this job with passion and dedication for decades. You could feel the experience in every movement, in every sentence, which gave you a sense of security. The sommelier came across as a very sensitive person, who handled his task with great delicacy, and I was pleased with that.

A total of 23 plates in a two hour span

I was surprised by the menu. It seemed to be the exact size and shape of a boarding pass! I asked for the full tasting menu to get an overall impression of the restaurant. The courses begin to arrive surprisingly quickly.

Everything is a little different from the usual. I’d seen most of the kitchen technologies before, but they managed to give everything a twist. I hadn’t had this level of visual experience in a long time, and I was constantly curious and wanted to try everything.

Michelin chefs like to tell a story through their food, and I could tell that Mazzia had a lot to say. In a two hour span, there were a total of 23 plates. There was always something coming to the table.

And no two plates were the same shape, size or color. But the funny thing was, they all matched in some way – an edge here, a detail there. Everything was new each time, but it managed to fit together. It’s little details like this that makes AM par Alexander Mazzia so much fun.

At any given time, I had 5 dishes on the table. Some crunchy, some soft. Some with tiny details, some with rustic elements. Almost like different chefs were cooking with the same heart. That’s something you can expect from a 3 Michelin star restaurant and AM par Alexandre Mazzia did this beautifully.

France, a gastronomic powerhouse

Our lunch was accompanied by various champagnes, the sommelier made some excellent recommendations. I had the chance to taste champagne by-the-glass from small producers that I’d never seen, heard of or tasted before.

That was special. But the most memorable part was a great deal on a 2008 Jacques Sellose.

Jacques Sellose is a small-scale, family-run Champagne house in Avize. This little champagne house doesn’t produce much, so most Jacques Sellose champagne never leaves the country. I was able to buy a 2008 for €540 at the restaurant, but the same bottle on wine searcher costs a small fortune at nearly €4000.

That’s why France is such a gastronomic powerhouse. They have a lot of good stuff, but you need to come here to get it.

And now, my final thoughts on AM par Alexandre Mazzia

  • Design – Brilliant!  Bold, unpredictable and fun
  • Staff –  Excellent. Careful. and Friendly
  • Menu – Amazing! Mazzia tells a wonderful story

AM par Alexandre Mazzia was one of the best memorable 3 Michelin star dining experiences of my life. The self-discipline and hard work from his early years really shows in the quality of Mazzia’s restaurant. This, together with the bold creativity and freedom, puts AM par Alexandre Mazzia in my Top 5.

I can’t wait to go back.

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